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Winter 2020/21

1. Can I expect compensation if one or more Snow Card Tirol ski resorts have to be closed (e.g. due to COVID-19-related prevention measures or safety precautions)?

The Snow Card Tirol has over 90 cable car company partners. As the world's largest network of ski resorts, SCT offers a wide range of possibilities and alternatives for a flexible choice of ski resort. The closure of one or more ski resorts – regardless of the duration of the prescribed closure – does not affect the operation or the opening hours of the remaining ski resorts, or the basic possibility of using SCT. In this case, neither monetary compensation nor any other form of compensation will be paid.

2. Can I expect compensation if another shut-down is imposed on all SCT resorts?

In the event that, due to pandemic developments, all SCT ski resorts have to be closed again following an official decision (official forced closure), a goodwill arrangement has been created, which consists of a pro-rata refund under the following conditions:

a)   An official forced closure of all SCT partner operations is ordered permanently, i.e. until the planned end of the season.

b)   Should the User have used the Snow Card Tirol on less than 20 ski days, prior to a permanent official shutdown, they will receive a refund of 1/20 (one twentieth) of the ticket price per ski day for each ski day not used (up to a capped limit of 20 ski days).
For example: The User purchased the Snow Card Tirol for EUR 850 and used it on 16 ski days prior to a forced closure. Therefore, for the remaining 4 ski days, they will receive a pro-rata refund of EUR 42.50 per ski day and thus a total of EUR 170.

c)   This pro-rata refund is possible up to a maximum amount of 50 % of the cost of the Snow Card Tirol.
For example: With a purchase price of EUR 850 no (further) reimbursement can be made beyond a maximum amount of EUR 425.

3. What can I do in case of a total shutdown?

In order to apply for a refund, the following two conditions must be met: 
1.) The permanent closure of all member establishments participating in the Snow Card Tirol network, and
2.) A card usage of less than 20 days prior to the shutdown.

Refund applications can only be made in writing to your contractual partner (= the cable car company from whom you purchased the SCT) within 4 weeks of the end of the winter season. After this period has expired, the applications can no longer be asserted and any claim for a refund expires. 

4. Can I expect compensation if the ski resorts are open but Tyrol is classified as a risk area by my country of origin or the border is closed (e.g. from DE to AUT/Tyrol) or if I make the decision that I do not want to take the risk of crossing the border?

Travel warnings, border controls and border closures can be issued or imposed by every country individually and on an occasional or discretionary basis and do not follow (EU-wide) uniform parameters. Compensation or other individual goodwill arrangements for whatever reason, for potential loss of opportunities to use the SCT cannot be granted.

In the event of an official border closure or travel warning affecting all SCT partner companies, the User can apply for a partial refund of the purchase price of the Snow Card Tirol under the following conditions:

1.) An official border closure or travel warning is ordered for the whole of Tyrol and permanently, i.e. until the planned end of the season.
2.) The card use up until the forced closure is less than 20 days.

Details of the goodwill arrangement can be found under point 2. of these FAQs.

Before commencing a (longer) holiday trip, it is essential to check any requirements for crossing the border (e.g. valid negative PCR test results). 

5. Is there a possibility that, as in 2020, the validity of the SCT will be extended into the following summer as a compensation?

An indemnity as a compensation for the loss of use of the SCT will be granted in case of a complete and permanent shutdown, border closure or travel warning, which affects all SCT partner companies or the whole of Tyrol. The compensation consists of a proportional refund of the purchase price of the SCT.
No other compensation models and benefits are foreseen. This also excludes a compensatory extension of validity into summer 2021.

6. Is it possible to foresee whether the number of day visitors in the ski resorts will have to be limited?

There are no plans to limit access to the ski resorts either by SCT’s partners or by the authorities (as of 24.09.2020). Due to the unpredictable dynamics of a pandemic like COVID-19, health authorities often have to take drastic and/or necessary measures quickly, which can lead to necessary changes in existing processes and precautions. Current developments regarding federal regulations and adjustments of measures must therefore always be kept up to date. 

7. Does the SCT have to be pre-ordered this year because of Corona?

It is not necessary to order the SCT in advance, neither is it possible to do so in the system. The purchase of the SCT should operate as usual and can be made at any cable car company that is designated as a sales outlet.
The rules of distancing and conduct, such as the wearing of a face mask, must of course also be adhered to in the cash desk area.
The SCT sales points, including special sales points in October can be found here: https://snowcard.tirol.at/#verkaufsstellen

8. What do I have to consider regarding Corona protection measures when using cable cars?

Corona protection measures for the use of cable cars are regulated by the cable car authorities and the Cable Car Association.
At present, the rules of regulation are as follows:

Details of the guidelines for services in tourism and transport can be found on the information page of the Tyrol Tourist Board: https://www.tirol.at/informationen-coronavirus

9. Where can I find the current Terms and Conditions of the SCT?

You can read the General Terms & Conditions online here: terms-and-conditions

This information has been compiled to the best of our knowledge and conscience. All COVID-19 developments as well as any legal measures and restrictions must be observed. No liability is assumed for any changes made, or for the correctness of third party information.